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    Carrom is sometimes known as 'finger billiards'. Billiards and Carrom have many things in common; the angles, slices and cannon shots etc. Many billiard players are keen on Carrom, it's like having a mini snooker/pool-table at home :)

Archive: Sweden European Double Event Champions: 17th Euro Cup in Poland 2013

Swedish Open Carrom Championship:

Click Pic results and video of the Final of the Tournament in Stockholm 2014

Carrom is a game easy to learn and love for peple of all ages, yet infinatly hard to master. The board, striker and Carrom men (a k a coins) are handcrafted, smooth to the touch and beautiful to look at.

Carrom is a very social game. Equally suitable to play at home with friends and family or at the pub / club, whatever skill level one possesses.
Just as with Back Gammon, Carrom is a perfect introduction to a pleasant evening.
You shoot the striker with the flick of a finger aimed at sending the lighter pucks into one of four corner pockets. The red queen is the most powerful carrom piece. If a player wins the board with the queen, this adds extra points to the player's score.

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To play on a smooth, high quality carrom board is a great joy! There is a wide variety of prices and boards. Carrom.se offers a selection of boards, ranging from the 'novice'-class (6 mm plwood) with a very reasonable price to 'family', high quality boards (8 mm ply) and finally for the expert player 16 ply-boards. Our aim is to sell to both keen amateur/family players and to clubs (tournament class) all over Europe, to the best possible 'value for money'.
Take care of your board. Use high quality carrom powder, use a dry cloth to remove old powder and dirt. Keep board dry and in normal room temperature. That way your board will provide a fast surface and last for years to come.